Island (2014) is a projected video loop created from footage gathered on a boat trip taken around the perimeter of Lulu Island, Richmond (BC, Canada). While the boat circumnavigated the island, the camera lens never left off focussing on the perimeter of the island. Large-scale industry and gorgeous vistas exist side by side on the periphery of Lulu Island. The edge of the island reveals its specific and still unfolding history— from wilderness through agriculture to resource extraction.

The sound track uses a blend of an 1888 wax cylinder recording of Handel’s Israel in Egypt and a 1934 version conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham. The Handel wax cylinder is one of the earliest recorded sounds in audio history. The recording is a tenuous representation of the Oratorio that is not obviously music – slipping into sounding like drums, trains, machinery and even wildlife.

The video seen here is a short excerpt.

Island was created as part of a public art commission received by artists Deanne Achong and Faith Moosang, from the City of Richmond.  Its exhibition history is as follows:

Your Kontinent Film and Media Arts Festival,  July 2014

Ships to Shore Festival, June – July 2015

Britannia Heritage Shipyards, permanent display starting in the Fall of 2015


More information about the entire project can be found here: