Bitter Air

Blueprint, North Vancouver Museum and Archives

Bitter Air was created after months of intense research at the North Vancouver Museum and Archives. The documents, photographs and oral histories were used, not only to provide the historical backdrop for the work, but in some cases actually found their way into the visual aspect of the final piece.

The research was used to write a 80 minute dramatic script that pays homage to the golden age of radio drama.  The script was then auditioned by voice actors, and recorded in a professional studio with the twelve actors who were selected for the roles.  I worked closely with the audio studio technician to edit the captured audio and create background sounds that placed the actors in a working shipyard in the 1940s in North Vancouver,

These 14 separate audio dramas were then given a visual treatment, using archival photographs and film and my interventions into their materiality and thematics.


  • Archival Research
  • Project Management
  • Collaborative Process
  • Photoshop Image Editing
  • Digital Audio Editing
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Image Clearance
  • Directing
Bitter Air, studio recording
Bitter Air, studio recording
Blueprints at North Vancouver Museum and Archives
Photograph from Burrard Drydock collection at North Vancouver Museum and Archives
North Vancouver newspaper
Burrard Drydock newspaper clipping, North Vancouver Museum and Archives